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The Avenue has the ideal location on one of Darwin's highest points, with its panoramic views of the City and Darwin Harbour across the Botanical Gardens, and clear water views of Fannie Bay to the west and north. These vistas are complemented by spectacular sunsets, dramatic electrical storms, festive fireworks and the grandeur of passing super tankers, naval ships and super yachts.

These give The Avenue a matchless array of images to sate the mind and gratify the senses. When you add to this the considerable landscaping, the tree-lined avenue, the cafes and bistros and the picture is complete. The Avenue is a unique place where Darwin is at your feet and you have the benefit of a visual feast that is underpinned by a tranquillity and order that is not evident in the CBD.


The magnitude of The Avenue project provides the opportunity to incorporate many desirable features and services to benefit both private and commercial residents, as well as visitors to the precinct. It allows for expansive design and generous planting on the streetscape, an aspect that is almost exclusively missing from existing Darwin addresses.

About Darwin

Australia's Northern Territory is dynamic and progressive. Strategically positioned close to South East Asia, rich in natural resources and culturally diverse, the Territory is well-placed to take advantage of future development in the region.

By any economic measure, the Territory economy has had a great couple of years. And forecasts indicate that this achievement will be consolidated over the coming years with continued growth performance outstripping the national average.

The Territory offers major competitive advantages:

  • An abundance of natural resources – energy, mineral and agricultural
  • Our key location as Australia's Asian Gateway
  • A highly skilled workforce
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Vast areas of land available for development
  • Central government planning processes
  • Lowest tax environment for small to medium businesses

The Territory has a number of significant business opportunities generated by the development of the AustralAsia Trade Route, which includes: the AustralAsia Railway that links Darwin to the national rail network, an expanded East Arm Port, abundant industrial land at the adjoining Darwin Business Park and a growing number of shipping links with Asia. Darwin is becoming an important supply, service and distribution base for major minerals and energy projects worth billions of dollars in north Australia, the Timor Sea and South-East Asia. A global mineral resources boom led by China is fuelling traffic along the new trade route and cementing the importance of the Territory's regional centres for the many large mining operations.

Tourism continues its vigorous growth and remains the Territory's greatest employment generator. The Northern Territory is recognised internationally as a unique and safe destination and this is expected to further increase visitor numbers, creating new business and job opportunities.

The Australian Defence Force's ever-expanding presence in the North has boosted the Territory's economy. The Territory Government is working with industry to capitalise on the ongoing business and employment opportunities for supply and support services.

The Territory's agribusiness sector has historically been a mainstay of the local economy and provides excellent opportunities for development in agriculture, horticulture, livestock, wild seafood, aquaculture, irrigated crops, tropical fruits and Asian vegetables. Opportunities also exist in processing and packaging, and the provision of cool-chain and supply-chain management and logistical support.

The Territory has a number of significant economic drivers which will underpin its continued growth into the future. These include the AustralAsia Trade Route, gas and related investment, mining and minerals processing, agribusiness, tourism, defence support and Darwin's growth as a supply, service and distribution centre for the region. Emerging industries of tropical and desert knowledge and innovation, information technology and communications are also expected to boost the Territory's economy in the future.

The future of the Territory looks bright. The Northern Territory Government is encouraging local business by reducing tax, spending record amounts on infrastructure and building a skilled workforce. Territorians have a "can do" attitude. The youthful and energetic population is supported by an optimistic Government that takes the lead in encouraging and facilitating business and industry development.